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Libby's Update - further information

To find out more about policies, projects and initiatives mentioned in my Libby’s Update newsletter (April 2022) click on the relevant link below:


Cheaper child care under Labor - Labor's Cheaper Child Care Plan (

Powering Australia - Powering Australia | Australian Labor Party (

Community Battery Plan - Power to the People: Community Batteries for Household Solar (

Powering Australia - cheaper renewable energy - Powering Australia | Australian Labor Party (    

Free TAFE for future skills - Free TAFE and more Uni Places | Australian Labor Party (

New Energy apprenticeships - Labor's New Energy Apprenticeships (

Buy Australian Plan - Labor's Buy Australian Plan | Australian Labor Party (

A future Made in Australia - A Future Made in Australia (

Medicare is in Labor’s DNA - Labor will make it easier for Corangamite residents to see a GP - Libby Coker MP

Fixing the Coalition's NBN mess - Labor Will Boost Fibre and Fast-track NBN Repair | Australian Labor Party (

Secure work for a secure futureLabor's Secure Australian Jobs Plan (

Labor's Regional First Home Buyers SchemeLabor’s Regional First Home Buyer Support Scheme | Policies | Australian Labor Party (

Affordable Housing - Future FundLabor's Housing Australia Future Fund (                                            


Karaaf Wetlands funding -

Labor will save Torquay's Karaaf Wetlands - Libby Coker MP

Urban Rivers and Catchments Program | Australian Labor Party (

Barwon Heads Road upgrade - Stage 2 fundingLabor is duplicating Barwon Heads Road - Stage 2 - Libby Coker MP

Indoor Bellarine pool makes senseLet’s work together to build the best pool for the North Bellarine - Libby Coker MP

Better mobile coverage for Armstrong CreekTelcos react to Armstrong Creek mobile campaign - Libby Coker MP

Community battery for Torquay - Community battery for Torquay - Libby Coker MP                                       


FULL LIST OF LABOR POLICIES - What we stand for (

You are also welcome to call my office on 03 5261 7683 or send an email to [email protected]